• Interviewer: What's your latest DIY project?
  • Taylor: My last DIY project was blackberry jam. Everyone loved it! I made labels that said things like 'I don't think you're ready for this jelly' and 'jam session.' And then laughed, by myself, in my kitchen.

  • Interviewer: When do you sleep?
  • Taylor Swift: I sleep at night. That's a good question though.

We used to fight like cats and dogs but when I went on the road I started really missing him. I’d come back and he’d be four inches taller. So we started hanging out when I came home”


i love taylor swift so much it’s a little tiny bit overwhelming oh my god she’s everything to me like sometimes i forget how much i love taylor swift then i see a picture or listen to a song and it’s like




when a cute boy walks by and accidentally brushes against ur butt


Taylor Swift charts; insp (x) (x)